2011 London only

The Annual Essay Contest for  UK Children and Young People of African Descent 2011 

Saturday, 30 July 2011
The Karibu Education Centre, London

                                Congratulations to all participants!

Saturday, 30 July 2011
at The Karibu Education Centre, London, UK.

7-10 Years
First                                       Diarra McIntosh  (UK)
Second                                    Lola Adeeko (UK)
Third                               Ayeoritseetan Omatsuli (UK)

11-13 Years
First                                       Kwesi McIntosh (UK)
Second                                    Kemi Adeeko (UK)
Third                                            Ayo Opara (UK)

14-16 Years
First                                         Dammy Opara (UK)
Second                        Oritsemiyemi Omatsuli (UK)
Third                                       Shani McIntosh (UK)

Financial Supporters and Special Prizes
Thank you to the following generous Judges who provided the Prizes and Special Prizes for the essayists:

Adam, Devin, Avril, Kandace, Michelle R, Tammra, Dixie, Nyela
Ekundayo, Nkechi, Akubundu, Oyaba, Jackie, Eboni, Kay, Otis, Paulette, Lindi
Errol, Khani, Leeman, Shakina, Tamar.
Marcelle, Ekundayo, Leila, Michael, Zeffie, Onysha, Eboni, Angel, Joy, Philly, Errol, Nyela, Leeman.

And to my sponsors: Kandace and Karen.

Held on one day as opposed to over six months as is customary!

Thank you to all the Judges on this contest who unselfishly gave their time to support the children and young people.

Kandace, Washington,  Kenny, Niikojo, Selwyn, Claudia, Akinbade,   Charmaine, Keisha

Karen, Roy, Robert, Audrey, Maureen

Victor, Maxine, Edmund, Tamara
Kayode, Janet, Anthony, Karen, Felicity, Owen

Contest officials: Nneka (Compere), Denice, Joy, Merva, Larriena, Rawle

A special Thank You for the Karibu Education Centre in Brixton for the use of their venue.