The Annual Essay Contest for Children and Young People 
of African Descent 2009 

                                Congratulations to all participants!

7-10 Years
First                                        Floriane Fidgenon  (UK)
Second                                K. Gabriel-Campbell  (UK)
Third                                     Tied:  Khalid Kerr (UK)
 Jessica Jack (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
Trevonette Johnson (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

11-13 Years
First                          F. Anselme Oualbeogo (Burkina Faso)
Second                               Xavier Ouedraogo (UK)
Third                                 Raphael Drabo (Burkina Faso)

14-16 Years
First                            Ollo Pascal Kambou (Burkina Faso)
Second                           Adissa Sanfo (Burkina Faso)
Third                                        Sonia Nyathi (UK)

Thank You

Participating Organisations
I would like to thank the following organisations whose staff understand the value of the Essay Contest for Children of African Descent and chose to encourage the children they work with to enter.  I realise this takes a lot of work to support and prepare the children as well as to chase them and thank you for your dedication and commitment to your children.

United Kingdom
Acton High School
African & Caribbean Saturday School
Berrymede Primary School
Claudia Jones Organisation – thank you also for your poets who presented at the Awards Ceremony!
Cuthbert Carter Saturday School
Derby Black Boys Can
Mapambano Academy
NIA Project
Twyford High School
Walworth Academy

Schools also participated from Burkina Faso, Ghana. St. Vincent and the Grenadines and South Africa.

The following families also wanted their children to gain from this initiative and chose to support them through the process.

Mr. and Mrs Appia-Kerr
Mr. Muhammad
Mr. Zajota
Mrs. Sessay
Mr. Evans

Every year this contest is greatly enriched by the contributions of the Judges from across the African Diaspora who selflessly give their time and energy to support and encourage the children.

Judges mark essays and provide invaluable feedback.  Additionally, some Judges chose to offer Special Prizes to contestants whose essay they particularly liked as well as to those whose they feel could benefit from a little encouragement.

Furthermore, some Judges also chose to contribute to the cost of the overall prizes.  Others have also offered educational support to participating contestants.

The following Judges read, marked essays and provided feedback.

Chloe P, Zawadi A, Althea G-D, Audrey K, Avril N, Aya T A, David M,   Becky K, Jahzara R, Toks O, Robert P, Felicity H, Hazel B, Harriet, Inez D, Jenny B, Danny T, Joseph C, Kathryn O, Lorna L, Karen C,
Mrs E L, Ronald V, Kim K, Selwyn D, Shannon W, Seymour Z, Rachelle H, Sakina M, Vernon B, Winston K, Karen C, Lurleen T, Joni W,  Natasha I, Rosemany K, Rabecca L M,  Marvina T, Karlene, Reginaldo M, Natasha P, Phil W, Robert T,  Victor C, Toks O, Danny T,  Lerleen W, Marvina T, Ben-Jahman K, Karen C, Lucy R, Toyin, Karen C.

French-speaking Judges

Keon W, Rhodia D, Damase Z, Josianne B, Tony M, Anne de L,
Herve D,  Josianne B, Pascale C, Ly G.

Financial Supporters

Phil W, Keon W, Seymour Z, Joseph C, Lori V, Karen C, Hortense B,       Vernon B, Abena A-K, Selwyn D, Mr and Mrs P, Dr C.

Matthew R – Thank you for covering the cost of the prizes for all the children in the UK.

Les Amis de la Boucle du Niger – thank you for covering the cost of transporting the essays safely from Burkina Faso to London.

Thank you to the following who chose to offer educational support to children in Uganda.

Avril N, Lurleen T, Matthew R, Jon W, Natasha I, Kim K.