The Annual Essay Contest for Children and Young People of African Descent 2008

Congratulations to all participants!

8-10 Years
First                                        Kirstie Ann Gillette  (UK)
Second                                   Shovanne Brown  (UK)
Third                                 Miriam Serwa Twumaisi (Ghana)

11-13 Years
First                                           Brea Childs (UK)
Second                                 Kenyetta Imani (UK)
Third                                  Jordan Carruthers (UK)

14-16 Years
First                                        Sindiwe Mvubu (UK)
Second                              Tunde Sowole (Zimbabwe)
Third                                        Kyron Stewart (UK)

Thank You

I asked close to 500 people to support the Essay Contest for Children of African Descent 2008 financially.

The following 16 people and three businesses chose to contribute to the prizes for the children.  A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for your encouragement and support of Our Children.

Mr. P, Mr and Mrs Pain, Mrs B, Anonymous, Anonymous, Jendayi, Mrs E Brand, Mrs Carol H, Anonymous, Yaa Mwanakamisi, Anonymous, Winston Klass, Mr Keon West, JA, Ms. Shirley Wiggins, Mr. M Franklin, Mr Phillip Tullock.

Please make the following businesses the first place you call when you need a property in the Caribbean, legal services or assistance with a mortgage or financial advice.

Maureen Smith
Tropical Connections   http://www.tropicalconnections.co.uk
UK-based Caribbean Property Agents  – 08452 221 413

Louis Arthur
Supreme Mortgage Solutions
07790 263 978

I would also like to thank all the Judges from the UK, the US and the Caribbean who generously gave their time to mark essays and provide truly excellent feedback.

Natasha P, Grace J, Jendayi K, Mrs J Huntley, Valerie Harrison, Bertram L, Dunstan C, Al J, Wilfred F, David C, Chloe Phelps, Audrey H, Ron, Joy P, Maureen S, Vanessa B, Winston K,         Gladys H, Reginaldo M, Jenny T, Kathryn O, Lorna D, Seantelle G, Yaa M, Emma S, Yolande S,   Keon W, Tracey, Charline G, Tony M, Benjahman K, Phillip, Angela W C, Seymour Z, Rema,         Richard G.

Verona S, Kamau K, Dunni A, Mr Pain, Lisa C, Laquelle W, Yvonne F, Toyin A, Karen C,         Lerleen W, Roy B, Pam G, George C.

Judges Special Prizes
In addition to marking essays and providing exceptional feedback, a number of Judges chose to offer Special Prizes to some of the essayists.

A Very Special Thank You to the following Judges for the Special Prizes.

Karen C, Chloe P, Toyin, Emma S P, Yaa (Lorna), Maureen S, Kat O, Jenny T, Joy P.

Judges’ reasons for offering their Special Prize include:

“Has great potential.”
“He put a lot of effort into his work.”
“This child expressed the wish to make people love each other and to help the poor.”
“A positive vision.”
“I am very impressed with your enthusiasm and ambition.  I wish to encourage you in your future career.  Do not let anyone discourage you from your goals.”
“A wonderful and very mature essay that is relevant to every person of African descent.”
“I really enjoyed reading your essay.  You are very ambitious and have your sights set on an exciting future.  Continue to learn and grow.”
“Very good effort.  Loved your creativity.  Please do continue to write.”
“I enjoyed reading your essay.  You seem to have a very good understanding of the issues affecting your people in the UK and offered good solutions to the problems.  Your essay was well researched and structured with a clear introduction, middle and end.”
“Not only will you help people as a doctor but also inspire them to be like you as you know what it takes to succeed.  I am pleased to award you with the popular game called Operation which is known for its use by trainee doctors in order to demonstrate the precision needed in medical professions.”
“I could feel your passion as I read your piece.  You have the potential to be a great writer.  Be encouraged!”
“This essay was very well researched.  You made a good effort to present a fair case from which some very observant conclusions were draw.”
“I would like to offer this child encouragement.”
“The author’s ‘voice’ in this essay leapt off the page and really made an impact on me as the reader.”
“Good reading this positive focus for the future.”
“I was really moved by your essay which I thought dealt really well with some extremely serious issues….. Your essay really made me stop and think about the future of a whole generation of children and it is for this reason that I would like to award you a special prize, for your courage i writing about these difficult issues.”